The perfect kiss

The first Bridget Jones Diary film.

Final scene.


Anxiety she’s lost his interest….

“Wait a minute – nice boys don’t kiss like that!”

“Oh yes they fucking do.”

I always loved how that ended… while not all lovestories end with a happy outcome, sometimes we all love a big hug and this gives. It works because it has the anxiety she was feeling at his departure from her space, the thrill of the mini chase, his unreadable (for a moment) demeanour, the chemistry which has been building throughout the film… then the relief that their embrace instills within. That bond. That satisfaction. These are the elements I know Mills & Boon readers are used to and expect. My story may or may not conclude in this way – I am still struggling with the plot now I’ve reached a third way in…

Happy Monday!

I’m off to write Part 2 of the Bahamas 🖌

(photo credit to the film makers… )