Man of the Woods has a new knife (#Share Your World)

He has a fetish for them. Anything vaguely throw-back to caveman era and he’s right into it.

‘Let’s go and build a fire in the woods and eat food there tonight – we can drop into Tescos and buy a disposable barbq!’ He suggested earlier with the grin of an eight year old treated to the best bay-blade money could buy.

‘Don’t tell me – you want to cut something up on a piece of wood, and use the knife?’


‘Well I’ve got to drop this Mother’s Day card in as I won’t be here this weekend, so we can buy one of those ready-cooked chickens from the hot food section near the bakery, because I honestly don’t think you’re gonna find a barbq for sale in the seasonal aisle.’

‘Turkish walnut, look.’ proudly holding it up for me to see, the 🐗 clearly visible to give you the feeling any passing quarry could be easily despatched.

I found that Cee has another challenge that I had no knowledge of until today – what fun to join in.

Now for answering Cee’s 4 questions;

What did you like or not like about the first home you lived in without your parents?

I loved the privacy, the peace and the fact I could close the door and call it mine. It was a tiny one-bedroom cottage in Northamptonshire, red brick and over looking fields of sheep. Simply idyllic. There wasn’t anything about it I disliked.

What is your most favourite smell or scent?

Bacon frying!

Would you prefer snowy winters or not, and why?

50/50 split here. When it falls properly, as it did last week, if the country’s travel systems were built to take it, I’d welcome winters of snow.

But as the UK is not up to dealing with long-term snow, forget imagining weeks and weeks of it. In fact, I’ll go south near the equator, and I’ll see you in May 👌🏼

What did you appreciate or what made you smile this past week?

Reader’s positive comments on my writing in the blogging world. Still fairly new here but really enjoying the enthusiasm of so many writers 🥂