Incy Wincy Spider …

Once Upon a Time, a long time ago in December 2017, I was out delivering horse rugs in my dirty farm truck and noticed in my periphery vision the biggest spider you ever saw (my eyes do that with creepy crawlies) scamper across the passenger footwell.  Miraculously I did not crash, but pulled over when it was safe to do so, got out and walked around to open passenger door to invite it out.  But it had GONE!! An hour later, I found myself parked in a client’s quiet yard, and made up a little story about it.   I posted it that very morning and looking back I only had 24 followers at that time so wanted to share it again now in case it made you smile because you weren’t here then.   Welcome to my crazy world; I’m happy to be sharing it with you .. x

Something about the air had changed. Not so much the temperature; more the movement around her bare legs. Instinctively she curled up to protect herself from the gust which blew dust up from the ground. She couldn’t blink so instead turned to face the other way, the dark place she called home.

She continued to spin, her limbs automatically achieving what was needed and what they had been so well design to do. The silk was taught immediately and pristine white. Light reflected from the fibres, visible only to her. She spun again and continued to do so until a very loud bang followed by an incredible vibration. She balanced herself and paused in her spinning while she assessed the movement.

After a while, she decided it was time to check the fly which she’d been preparing for some days now in the far away place. She had to make her way gingerly across the exposed space, into the light and under and through some obstacles in order to reach the store. She was used to the route though and tended to scuttle her way across in seconds.

As she was nearing her destination and her senses were heightened with the excitement of a feast, the rumbling and vibration stopped. She paused, as her instinct had always suggested she do as a reaction to any time of change in the environment. Only long enough to assess. Another bang a slight, hardly noticeable, rise in the floor level. Move!

From her hiding place, she skulked backwards as more light suddenly filled the whole of the ground across which she’d just come. A shadow, which moved and a an odd sound, before the lighting was restored to normal, but again the bang! Did these monsters ever think of moving around quietly?

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