Up, up and away! Travel with The Atlantic Tour.. Vilamoura, πŸ‡΅πŸ‡Ή

The training and endurance needed from both horse and rider to reach these levels should be a programme from which your devotion should be uncompromising.

Athleticism is needed from both sides. A fit rider cannot expect an unfit horse to perform and an unfit rider cannot expect to keep up with a fit, bold horse.

Some fun sites to behold as I wander around the showground, a warm wind billowing the flags and keeping rain clouds at bay, for now.

Another storm is due to follow in Emma’s path tomorrow .. and although wet underfoot, we are mainly sand here so a Glastonbury-style mud bath should not be the scene when we attempt to move the lorry on Monday morning!

The riders, grooms and their family members who have been here for the full 5-weeks are well catered for and I plan to sample most of the on-site cafe menu before we leave! This morning was a tantalising toastie with brie and bacon, the saltiness dancing on my tongue, followed by a fruit cup and two obligatory frothy coffees 😍

As I sit here chatting to you, I can hear so many birds chirruping in the nearby trees and the clip clop of washed-down horses being led back to the permanent-temporary stabling.

Life out of a lorry is rather cute; everything to hand and simple. I feel relaxed and calm. In fact I had plans to read and write and you know what? I’ve merely been enjoying the company of the friend I have travelled here with and inbetween our chats, I’ve been happy to sit and soak up the atmosphere. And do nothing.


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