Atmospheric wonderment

Gravel crunching beneath the footfall,

Back and forth, back and forth,

Focused minds, goals and hopes,

A plan, a dream – see if the horse copes.

Heat from the sun dries overnight torrent,

Drying horseshoe shapes in the sand,

Freshly squeezed orange juice glides down,

Kissing tastebuds with a sweetness crown.

Methodical rhythm of worked horses,

Being led back to be washed off,

Dog fight yapping, horse spooks sideways,

Foreign shout; an angry tongue, a yank on the rein.

Music filtering a continuous vibe,

International big business, famous names.

Does home exist, or is that a far away dream?

Maybe this is the reverie and I am not awake.

Weather patterns over the mountains,

Wind blowing the flags, never still.

White breeches. Jackets; sparkling tack.

The world of show jumping, smiles and looks that could kill.

It’s a dog’s life,

Sniff, sleep, fight, eat.

I’m thinking of him.

But is he thinking of me.

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