The subtleties of Carrero

Being an author is laying your soul out for possible stamping upon by readers eager to question your motives for writing …. I read and admire this post by LT Marshall, the author behind my present read – The Carrero Effect. Here she answers some questions with honesty, diplomacy and empathy. When I have completed the trilogy I shall be inviting her to do a guest blog, as I have mentioned before – can’t wait 🥂 đź–¤

Often I am asked by avid readers and fans about certain aspects of my books, and I think it’s time I shared in one post, answers to all of these things.

Are there characters with mental disorders? I was sure I picked up on traits with a few of them, but as nothing was said, I assumed not.

Yes. There are multiple characters through all of the books who have their own issues. One is a high functioning Asperger’s female. We have a character with ADHD and another with OCD. We also have high anxiety in another, yet I have chosen not to use any pointers or labels for these characters for a couple of reasons. Later you meet someone with depression.
Many adults only find out late in life they have some of these things, in the case of my characters it is true for one or two. Sometimes…

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