Why do we eat rubbish when tired?

Ever noticed that evil part of your brain which clambers over common sense, the nearer you get to the front of the queue?

It’s so imposing that by the time it’s your turn to order, gone are the plans for bottles of cell-refreshing aqua and instead you point at the sugar and grin apologetically as if the seventeen year old bronzed goddess serving is Headmistress of the healthy eating institute at which you have metaphorically been attending since leaving home.

I feel so relaxed here, I’m the walking dead. No, perhaps the walking sleep is more relevant. I am tired, and aware I need to bank some quality hours before we start our drive home across the continent. Twelve hours driving will take its toll, even if we are sharing it. Meet the lorry which made it down in one piece five weeks ago with owner and a different co-pilot. I have a lot to live up to but am excited by the challenge.

Blue skies today. What a treat.

Think I’ll just go buy a bag of crisps while I wander over to watch the next class….. evidently my body is craving minerals. Salts, sugars. I’m not saying a balanced diet and I need to get that back in control soon!