Sexy high heels, toned physiques, champagne and yachts?? 🖤🖤🖤

Very excited and honoured to have been accepted on to L T Marshall’s Street Team … to help promote her amazing books.

Street Team qualifiers are people who read and love the book/s of indie (self-published) authors, who have and use social media, and who are happy to talk a lot about something – apparently I qualify 🤣🤣🤣💃🏼🌸💫👌🏼🥂

You may recall I’m reading Part 1 of The Carrero Effect and am already totally in love with Jake (phworrr!). It was always going to take some incredible guy to knock Daniel Craig off my top hottie list but Jake Carrero is doing a damn good job….. nothing to do with the dark spiky hair, stubble, toned physique, or gentlemanly qualities.

This author’s work to create characters within a story in which I want to lose myself (what’s the point of reading a novel otherwise?) is to be rewarded with sales. Without a traditional publisher or agent, she has to promote her books herself and has employed the services of a Street Team to assist. You know me – always happy to help 🌸

Love the white paper used for these titles… really helps when my eyes are tired.

Definitely going to order second and third parts as I NEED to see the story develop. Hats off to this scottish-based girl who writes, has dreams and follows her goal to get her books published, with or without a traditional publisher.

When you’re next looking for a book to read (Patty Richardson) hop over to LT Marshall to see her links to buy the book…. come join the party 🥂

(Oh, and Leanne? Can I be on the judging panel please when you’re sourcing the lead role for the film when you sell the rights?!!!! 🤪🖤)