Orange groves and hot frothy milk

First border behind us … and a further 9 hours of driving ahead. Been on the road since 6am. Two lorries; we’ve got 🐎🐎 in the blue lorry and there are 🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎 in the large navy HGV.

Paused for diesel and spent some time working out the coffee machine instructions in the service station, finally having to purchase a small black coffee to share between two cups of mere frothy hot mik. The result was particularly tasty in fact and all we need before next pit stop.

Horses all fed breakfast at 5am, then loaded and they travel so well. It is their life and they are used to it. The show jumping circuit means travel throughout the UK, and these tours and shows are an opportunity to train and compete in decent warm conditions (unless you’ve got EMMA and FELIX deciding to deposit copious amounts of rain).

(My monk friend would be so proud .. watching me sweep the ‘temple’ here with a broom resembling his own)

Following the trainer and show jumper Joao Charlesworth’s lorry is enabling the journey to be relaxing at this point. Nikki is taking first shift then the taco dictates that we swap.

We are all legal… red triangles, fluorescent tabards and breathalysers!

Out of the window I can see rows of small orange trees – smothered in orange orbs – on dry hillsides and they are reminding me of the scene in my WIP when Lucy arrives in Tuscany and looks across to far off vineyards…..