Chinese 5-spice is perfect reward after driving 540 miles

Event-free twelve hours of travelling. As planned Nikki and I shared the driving and my stint totalled a tad over six and a half hours driving this 7.5T lorry with the necessary 45 minute break after four and a half hour – the taco recording our moves.

The scenery rolled and changed as we drove north after Seville on their A-66. Dry and sunny; the perfect conditions compared to now as I listen to yet more hammering rain on the lorry roof on my sixth night sleeping on the ‘sofa’. This is surprisingly comfortable except perhaps the restriction of size. I turn over a lot during the night generally and at home on our superking memory-foam mattress to which we treated ourselves a couple of years ago, one can roll over about four times and still not fall out, so vast are the dimensions!

Do you have a spice rack or cupboard at home? Are you human? Well in that case, please do me one favour today…. find YouTube, type into the search bar Michael McIntytre salt and pepper … I don’t even mind if you tell me he is not your cup of tea and that as comedians go you do not find him funny, PLEASE go look at this one clip. You know I’d never waste your time don’t you ☺️.

I’ve seen it many times and it gets me every time, in an eyes-steaming-with-giggles tears sort of way. Laughing out loud is so very good for us.

Just perfect entertainment while eating pasta, sauce, leftover salad and bits from the fridge here in the lorry…

The horses – who travelled for twelve hours within their partitions quite comfortably standing on straw bedding, chomping hay and being regularly ‘watered’ (by Will while en-route in our lorry and by Sam in the other), are spending tonight in luxurious horsey B&B in huge yet quiet stables here just outside this place, however you say it!

Their heads went down to snuffle at the pre-prepared straw bedding as soon as we led them each to their stables, three rolled immediately, enjoying a back-scratch and stretch of legs. Fresh water and a feed, then left alone to simply ‘be’ for the night. No fuss. They’ve worked hard across the previous five weeks doing their jumping and this is their relax time as we travel home; no expectations of them.

Tomorrow we shall cross the border into France and our second night stable stop is somewhere near Bordeaux I believe. It’s refreshing not being in control or having to organise things. My job here all along has been support for Nikki and her son Will, and to assist with the drive home. Enjoying the countries, the jumping, benefitting from a break from work was always going to be icing on the cake.

I’ve had very little time to read or write, as when not driving it felt wrong to consider doing anything else other than supporting Nikki via chit chat, providing refreshments and co-pilot duties of keeping the trainer’s lorry in view at all times. Convoy driving has its challenges, but the lead lorry has the harder job of trail-finding. We just have to keep up 🤗 (which is easy as we have only two precious cargo aboard and he has seven and these horses weigh around half a ton each!).

So my lovelies … it’s been super to chat and update you but it’s now 3:11am and we get up at 5am to reload and get going on the next leg of our 1500 mile door to door journey, so I shall bid you farewell til next time.

Adios (with an accent on the o) …