This time last week I was in prison – My visit to HMP Thameside’s book club

An amazing insight from an author. In fact, my favourite author of all my 2017 reads. Louise Jensen has published three titles and every one of them left me wanting more. Here in her blog about a visit to a prison to help others, I’m strangely proud of this talented stranger who is less so now I’m one of her biggest fans (ok, stop right there – you now sound like a stalker 🤣🙈)

Read The Sister, The Gift and The Surrogate… if you enjoy thrillers with twists.

fabricating fiction

Eighteen months ago, when my debut novel, The Sister, was No.1 in the charts, I was invited along to HMP Thameside to meet their book club. Immediately, The Fear hit and I quickly declined. Not because of the environment, but because I had a massive phobia of public speaking. Those who read my blog know that after turning down numerous talks, I was asked to speak at the Althorp Literary Festival last year and eager to attend, I had a course of hypnotherapy to help me overcome The Fear (you can read about that here). I’ve since spoken at, and enjoyed, several events so when HMP Thameside’s librarian, Neil Barclay, got back in touch and asked if I’d reconsider, grateful of a second chance, I said yes.

I had never been in a prison before and my expectations were very much centred around what I’d seen on TV, rowdy…

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