An Early Mother’S Day Present.

Enjoyed reading about Ortensia’s Mother’s Day perceptions … so true when you’re a mother and a child!
I returned from my trip last week to two lovely cards from my babies … 💙💜

Truly Madly Ordinary

Mother’s day is here.Flowers, cards, cakes and happy smiles all over the shops’ windows.We,as mothers, are spoiled today. If you ask me,the whole sense of mother’s day is misinterpreted.Today is “our”day:the day we are supposed to be celebrated and pampered.The day we should be given a free pass for a day at the spa, ON OUR OWN!!!It might sound harsh or ungrateful but it is not.It is also a practical and perfect solution to avoid the conflict of being a daughter and a mother at the same time.A condition that,can be very tricky indeed.The risk,in fact,is that you might end up juggling around all day, trying to properly celebrate your mother and at the same time let your kids to properly celebrate you.By the end of the day you will be stressed,exhausted and feeling guilty. Guilty that you haven’t spent enough time with either your own mother or your own…

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