True love is not roses and lust…

What is love – other than a 4-letter word?

It probably means something different to each person, quite rightly.

To young people it will no doubt be that feeling of intensity that for the first time in their lives another person is forever in their thoughts and providing distraction from everything, literally everything.

For the more experienced it may be that warm fuzzy feeling that a soulmate can read their minds with just a look.

It may be the small caring actions which nurture another’s mind and body.

Between generations it could mean the yearning to be back in the family fold when life gets too much, or that drive to do anything or be anywhere for your offspring.

For friends it may be that determination for them to succeed or find love of their own.

For me, it is many things. Tickling the muzzle of they horse; the tears and hug on the platform; seeing my daughter’s professional photo in her business’ new booklet lifting her qualities. It is also Daniel Craig staring at me 😍.

Whatever it means to you, it comes with positive side-effects and any time your belly is filled with love (because let’s face it, we feel it in our bellies not our hearts) then incubate it and enjoy it’s growth between you and the recipient β€οΈπŸ§‘πŸ’›πŸ’šπŸ’™

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