Hot Cross Buns with lashings of butter?

Happy Sunday everyone.   I know its not yet Easter and that means we can do this all again next Sunday, oh and the next. I prefer to slice mine into three layers so there is more room for butter.  I know that’s bad for my arteries.


When did Easter Sunday last fall on April Fools Day?  eeeek – can’t help feeling uneasy about that.   I’m not particularly religious I admit, but I’d rather put my faith into the Big Man in the sky (which is how I see him having grown up with those Good News Bibles) than a random old wives tale which has become a commercial vehicle.



What is it about butter oozing onto your tongue while the crispy edge of the bun finds the space between your teeth, followed by an explosion of sweetness from a raisin.   Good Lord, I shall be as sick of these by the time Easter comes just as I am sick of mince pies by the time December rolls round.  Why do shops tempt us all so far in advance?  Am I meant to have bought these and frozen them until the ‘correct’ day?  Sod that (excuse my language Lord).  I’m eating them. Now.