I lost my self-discipline, but found 34,000 words

Today I’ve really been thinking hard about the astonishing word count I’ve managed to notch up blogging since I started.

WordPress, as you know, has the clever ability to show us our stats at any given moment and I have become slightly addicted to watching the numbers grow.

In 2018 alone I have typed over 34,000 words 😱😱😱 so it cannot be said I’ve ‘lost my voice’ or had ‘writer’s block’. What I have lacked however is self-discipline because my 24,000 words sat bored and waiting on my WIP could, in theory, have been joined by these new words and effectively I would have been nearer the end of a first draft!

BeBloggerOfficial writes here about why we need self-discipline, why we don’t have it and what to do about it. Genius, and for me – timely πŸ₯‚

I’ve totally ignored my own mini goal of sharing my wordcount at the bottom of each post, yet we all agreed it was a fabulous idea! Self-discipline failing you see.

Husband joined me for the afternoon deliveries and we treated ourselves on the way home to one drink in this gorgeous river-side pub.

I had announced, while sat next to the roaring log fire which heated my wellies to a faint smell of melting rubber, that for the rest of this week I would allocate 9-11am to my manuscript. No rugs. No phone. No social media. No blogging. 😬 … its only two hours so surely I can survive without those props?

I think from the delicious taste it was a double vodka he had treated me to and I walked back to the passenger door, my cheeks a little blushed.

Let’s see about my new goal shall we? I can’t wait to share the results with you …. I’m excited now (so easily pleased πŸ™„) or is the vodka …