I lied to you. Through my back teeth!

Having an ‘office’ moment.

New glasses.

Can’t find the scissors.

I lied to you, look!

It’s 42,724 words I’ve blogged

In 2018… without including these few!

I would have 70,000 on my manuscript

BUT. But….. calm yourself.

I wasn’t ready was I?

I needed to get my identical lillies in order,

Make some inspiring friends.

Be with you guys awhile,

My writing confidence growing.


Listen to the monk (that bugger is still roaming around my head with his broom) and the impact he had on me, while my home is no less cluttered, my head is getting there.

Treating myself to a few minutes reading YOUR blogs today …. did anyone tell you that your posts are fabulous? They enlighten and entertain me. (Now where the f**k are some scissors coz I can’t actually go out like this).

Mwah πŸ’‹

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