The Fairytale that wasn’t. An honest heartbreaking lovestory….


My heart is hammering inside my ribs,

Strange coincidence; law of attraction?  There I was,

Peacefully scrolling through my followed sites.


I pause and read a post; my pupils dilate

with recognition and memories.  One of my heroins

and I know she had much American support.


A photo is mentioned by Sherri Matthews

I picture it instantly.  In fact, I can go one better

I bloody well have it in my camera roll.


Because last summer, it was the 20th anniversary

of her tragic death.  The Princess of our hearts.

Lady Diana.  I grew up falling in love with her story.


School closed the day she got married so we could watch.

A Fairytale wedding, to my 13 year old eyes,

was perfection.  Glittery fanfare at its finest.


Yet, this multi-layered and oh so complex

story of human conflict on both sides grew like a cancer.

The world watched and waited.


I worked for the BBC the day their separation

was announced.  The pained looks and distance

Between them in those photos for all to see.


I was asked to take a recorder out on the streets

To ask what the public’s reactions were,

newsroom instruction; reporter obeyed and asked.


Then the re-birth of both parties.  The black dress,

Charles’ country interview and the honesty on both parts

humbling, human, sadly more common that we like to admit.


We talk nowadays so much of being at one with ourselves.

I blogged about ‘me-time’ only yesterday.

Lady Di had a ‘me-time’ moment on that diving board.


Sherri  saw it too.  Most of the world did.

You may dislike the Royal Family.  You may not

have an opinion at all.   You may side with only her, or him.


But one thing is clear.  They were human, and they let us in.

Long before it was ‘ok to admit you’re not ok’

I miss her. I miss her smile. Her infectious love.


How cool are her sons?  Just how amazing are

those boys to show the world their hurt, their strength?

Shit, now I’m crying.  The fairytale that wasn’t always got me.


Thank you Sherri for your post.

I’ve enjoyed many this morning, but this one made

me emotional.  Perfect time then to go away and write!