I don’t do book reviews but I’ll share my opinion about the start of The Samurai’s Garden #wordprompt

I spent so long on WordPress yesterday, reading blogs and posting three, if not four pieces, I decided I would focus on my clients today and if spare time came by and waved at me, then I would devour a few further pages of Gail’s book.

I feel so there with the characters, in the Japanese beachhouse garden. A short walk through the sand dunes to the sea which some days is calm and a backdrop worthy of an oil painting.

Then another day, that same sea delivers destructive powers to rip through the zen garden, damaging the main characters in the process as a tsunami hits the shore.

As Stephen-san‘s journey is evolving, I am fascinated by his 20-year old view of the world and his genuine intrigue at meeting new characters and the natural biology taking place when a girl comes onto the stage in this 211 page play. (Nothing changes where some aspects in life are concerned).

Gail’s words weave a harmonious and exquisite story from simplicity itself.

No-one has shown anxiety over the devastated gardens, no more than Sachi showed resentment after forty years of being in ‘hiding’ in the mountains due to her being a leper.

The quiet calm with which these characters are leading their lives, accepting their fate and holding no-one else accountable for anything negative which happens carries so many messages which resonate with my new look at life.

I am hungrily turning the pages and find on each one some gem of mindfulness. It’s like my monk friend brought me to this book to back up his instruction manual …. Joseph, are you really my monk in disguise????? 🤗👏🏼

How are you enjoying it Ortensia?