Good morning on Good Friday. I hope you have a good one ðŸ£

Shall we? Blueberries… be rude not to wouldn’t it.

Drop them in the batter or sprinkle in the mix as starts cooking…

Love the sizzle don’t you?

I made 11.

I ate 4 (my son managed the rest).

Now we are off for a walk for extended family member birthday. Man of the Woods sadly cannot join us as weather is dry and hence crops need drilling, or the ‘drill by‘ date will have passed, making it too late for the corn to grow properly during the spring.

Farming is not something you can simply ‘put off til another day’.

I couldn’t be bothered with wellies but it did rain last night, so I’m preparing myself for soggy feet, about which I shalt not sweat. I’m thinking it through an damage limitation exercise in place to keep mental state intact 🌸

Enjoy your day off work if you are fortunate to be so. 🐣