The strongest structure is often not rigid or angular in design

A brick archway, found here supporting a train track, and found all over Britain in viaducts, above doorways, in fact in all sorts of structures provides immense strength and support.

Smooth shapes have no sharp corners. I’m not an engineer or a scientist but I have kept horses in paddocks with post and rail fencing erected in straight lines with 90 degree corners. Guess which posts always failed first and betrayed the expectation of longevity?

Rounded corners, such as those found at expensive racing yards, mean less pressure on rails entering a corner.

Imagine all those bricks nestled alongside one another, each shouldering a percentage of the total weight of the bridge – a problem shared is a problem more than halved if you are really organised.

A relationship between two people, any two people, can be stronger with equal smooth support over time, as opposed to angular assumptions that one needs to be more strong than the other…

Anyway, check me out with my healthy walk today (are you going to explain you’re now collapsed on the beanbag and don’t have enough energy to move nearer a wall socket to plug your phone in before the battery dies? No.)

That number of steps, in wellies. (Yes, it started raining so we went back for boots). Birthday walk and ten of us. Sister in law’s 40th. I remember my 40th; seems like only yesterday.

Feel a poem coming on with this beach photo; stay posted 😊

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