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I have been nominated by thisismytruthnow to receive this TAG Award, for which I thank him profusely.   I enjoy and admire his blog as we share the desire to keep writing and create a novel while enjoying blogging.  I am humbled that he reads my own corner of madness and finds something there to entertain him!   The original creator of the tag is ayundabhuwana … check her blog out too!


Reading in bed or on the couch? I love reading in bed, at either end of sleep (or when I should be sleeping but insomnia comes knocking) but sometimes feel guilty doing either. Sofa is a great place to read when the guilt pangs are kicked back onto the hall and I relax into it, but invariably when I’m sat on it, other members of the family are sharing the room and the telly is on and I simply cannot concentrate on a book unless there is almost, if not complete, silence.

Male main character or female main character? Interesting this, as for years I’ve read mainly books with female lead characters.   Then I read a Harlen Coben and was hooked.  I’ve always been fascinated by the thought processes of men (I know, don’t ask 🙈, I honestly couldn’t tell you) and I have found in recent years I’ve enjoyed more books with male leads.   I’ve even started writing from the male POV sometimes too!

Trilogies or quartets? Trilogies, as I don’t know a quartet (save the one of a string variety my mother booked for our wedding party which was totally her choice and not our own; irrespective of how good they may have been).

First person POV or third person POV? I love reading (and writing) in the first person although it can become slightly restrictive if you want to ‘feel’ another character’s emotions also.   Writing in the third person allows for this change of POV more easily.

Sweet snacks or salty snacks?  Dammit – both.  And I don’t need either.   Seriously; I’ve put on so much weight in the last year I’m making outfits from sewn together bath towels.  I seriously have to do something about this, and quick.

Reading at day or night? As mentioned, if I’m awake in the small hours, I will read.   Evenings are awkward at weekends because family are ‘around’ and would think me selfish if I sat there with my head in a book although I’m sat there ready to give my young adult children my undivided attention and they are invariably 7″ away from the Snapchat stories of their mates’ ongoings!

Weekday daylight hours should be given to my clients, so I tend to grab reading ‘windows’ simply when I can.

Libraries or bookstores? I adore book shops; I browse them for ages.  Adore the smell of a new book, wafting the pages so that the air in front of my nose is filled with fresh paper/print aroma (never been thrown out yet).   Yet I also enjoy the notion of a library and the recycling effect of everyone enjoying the same book over and over again.  When did I last walk into a library though?  About three years ago.  That is terrible.  Now I wish to rectify that this week.  Mini goal (I love those too).

Books that make you laugh or cry? I need both in my life.   Jeremy Clarkson and Michael McIntyre both produce books that have me laughing out loud when I read them.  Fictionwise; I think Sophie Kinsella was the last author to truly make me giggle.  For a good cry, it will usually be a love story or something heart-rendering linked to children.  Being a mother, I find my emotional investment in a family story is much greater these days.  I’ve never forgotten when my children were both under ten and I made the fatal mistake of watching the film ‘Sophie’s Choice’.   Just don’t do it.

Black books covers or white book covers? If we mean colour, then I cannot choose.  It would depend what else was going on illustratively wise on the cover.  

Character driven or plot driven? Again, interesting question.  My present read (Gail Tsukiyama’s THE SAMURAI’S GARDEN) is very much character-driven and I can’t put it down.  I’m so invested now in the characters’ unravelling stories.   Yes, a plot is there, but not in the same way a thriller may be following clues and leads to find to solve a mystery.  Having said that, we do have a few questions appearing as the pages pass between my fingers, so perhaps these are plot developments.   Tough question to answer.

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