Warning – this girl can scream! (#dailywordprompt)

Seven months it has taken for my daughter’s boyfriend to persuade her to have a go’ at kayaking.

While she can swim perfectly well, water through which you can’t see the bottom is not a favoured place to find herself in.

The bf is a competent kayaker (is that a word?) and has spent the previous seven months learning all about the range of emotions our dear girl can display at any given time, occasionally for no apparent reason.

Man of the Woods and I both knew therefore he was the best placed character to nurture her forward when you add in anxieties about shark possibilities in murky english rivers.

He is very calm and down to earth, without blue-touch paper sarcasm … “You’re ok, there are no sharks here.”

Within a few minutes, the results of putting herself out of her comfort zone was written all over her face; big smiles.

He taught her how to carry the kayak across walkways designed for paddlers to avoid sluicegates. We watched impressed as he white water rafted through a burst bank area onto a field disguised as a lake. (We didn’t need to shout warnings to daughter to stay away from the burst bank suckfest, because she didn’t want to go anywhere near it!).

The fact they can now share an activity together during weekends away is very special. You know what they say …. families who play together, stay together

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