What do you see? Love or heartbreak? A poem…

Turned over the calendar for April to find another stunning print from the Master of seduction, Jack Vettriano …. to me, this painting is not just about the couple you initially see….


You said you would meet me on the pier,

I know I am late and for that I fear.

Your attention has been stolen from me,

A finely dressed suitor speaks to you, I see.


This sand is shifting with each step I take,

My words to you last night not fake.

Tonight’s dance was to be when,

I would ask if you wanted to try again.


He looks tall and dark, a type you like,

I always felt with me you were polite.

To accept my blonde hair, green eyes,

And now my walk slows, my confidence dies.


I have in my pocket for you, a box,

A pair of earrings in the shape of a fox.

Which match the pearl bracelet together we chose,

I suspect you’ve forgotten it, our journey near closed.


I’ve paused on the beach to decide what to do,

But my soul is yearning only to be with you.

Who is that man up there on the pier?

Should I keep coming and face up to my fear?