Good things come to those who wait..


When did you last research bonsai trees?  Thought so .. same here.

However, there’s a whole world out there of slow growing, carefully tended, trained mini trees in cute pots all awaiting homes at which they will offer a tranquil viewpoint on a sideboard, windowsill or there are outdoor versions in large tubs.  Larger than their indoor counterparts, but still smaller than your average oak tree, which wouldn’t do too well in a pot on the patio.

bonsai  specialists are all over the internet (no surprise there) but this morning I persuaded Man of the Woods to come with me to investigate a bonsai specialist in our area, the sign for which I’d driven past for years but never given a thought to … til now.  I wanted to see them in the flesh as it were.  Having researched the little blighters I’ve learnt that they take years to shape and nurture; the more mature, the better the shape and density of the foliage, the higher the price.  Such is life!


Seems this expert has spent some time creating a Japanese-themed filled garden and while I lost Man of the Woods for twenty minutes due to ‘look at my old tractors over here’ talk, I sat inside this bamboo hut and thought about Matsu-san and Stephen-san and when the tsunami came and washed all their bamboo fencing away, and they had to replant all the black pines, which are much talked about in THE SAMURAI’S GARDEN.

I was delighted to find one in a pot … but at £600 elected no to buy it!



He even had a mini bridge over his pond, just like Matsu has in his garden; this was a real treat today and when I’ve finished typing this post it is my aim to get back to Gail Tsukiyama‘s captivating story.

Being winter, on the turn of spring (i’ll believe that when I see it) many of the bonsais in this horticulturer’s greenhouse are in bud rather than leaf so the trees do not look super cute just yet.   The full radiance is yet to display.   But, as you know, I have rose-tinted glasses, so imagining my little Elm looking prettier than it does right now was an easy vision.


Welcome to my £22 purchase, which for now is placed next to my Mother’s Day present from my daughter.

I shall name this tree …. GAIL 

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