Snow Swim Challenge

Just wow.
May this family be blessed with smiles and laughter together for a while longer yet 💫

A Teacher's Reflections

Up until yesterday I had never participated in a challenge, such as the Ice Bucket Challenge, to raise awareness for illnesses.  The father of a young child at our school has been diagnosed with Stage IV colon cancer.  Vann Ly is 39 years old.   He has a wonderful family with two young children.  Little 3-year-old Evie goes to our school.

Devastating doesn’t even come close to describing what is happening with this family.

Yet, there is a wonderful backstory, and how happiness can make a difference:

Vann loves Captain America, and so does the family.  Vann wears his Captain America T-shirt to every chemo treatment.  In his words, “Captain America represents purity, goodness, and will never back down from a fight.”  Friends and family now wear a Captain America T-shirt.  Evie wears hers to school!

Van’s sister moved up her wedding date, and the wedding was held at the…

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