49 Days and Counting Since My First Book was Published and Made Available On Amazon…What I’ve Done Well, What Needs Improvement, and Most Importantly, Thank You!

And then there are those who just get on and DO IT!!
Veronica, here with her new blog, having decided to gain a social media presence AFTER publishing her first book tells us about her journey over the previous 49 days.
Congratulations to you my dear Indie Author. Big respect to you for finishing your planned manuscript, choosing a way to self publish and now can reap the rewards.
I hope from my little corner of wordpress, with my near 500 followers, I can help publicise your book. Even if one or two follow you, or better still buy your book, then the sharing and caring space that is blogging will have done its job.
I look forward to reading your book! xx

My American Almost Royal Cousin Series

49 days—It’s hard to believe how much my life has changed since my book, The Crown for Castlewood Manor, was first made available on Amazon. I still remember the night it went live (February 12th), when I first started getting messages from my family and friends that they had found my book on Amazon. I wasn’t quite prepared—I had just approved the uploading of the book earlier that afternoon, and had received a message that it may take up to 72 hours for the book to be available. I was over at my neighbor’s house when the first texts starting coming in, and all I can say is that there were lots of laughs and hugs that night 🙂

What I’ve Done Well (or so I think…but that’s OK)

I made the decision for now, to go the indie, self publish route. When I started my first book in 2016…

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