Overcoming Overwhelm: A Guest Post by Nina Farr, Author of I Am The Parent Who Stayed

Anyone out there parenting single handedly?
This book sounds like it could be an uplifting read to anyone struggling with young children at home alone … sounds like Nina finds all the positives and through Linda’s Book Bag blog, we can all enjoy or onward share Nina’s real life experiences…
Happy Parenting 🙂

Linda's Book Bag

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Never having been a parent, I’m naturally fascinated by those who have and the experiences they have encountered. As a result, I’m delighted to welcome Nina Farr, author of I am the parent who stayed – joyfully parenting alone to Linda’s Book Bag today.

Published by Practical Inspiration, I am the parent who stayed – joyfully parenting alone is available for purchase here.

I am the parent who stayed – joyfully parenting alone

parenting cover

Being The parent who stayed can be more beautiful than you ever imagined. It’s hard to be left taking care of your family all by yourself. Parenting alone in the wake of domestic violence, intense conflict or traumatic, unexpected events, makes being The parent who stayed even more difficult.

Are you standing in the ruins of your family wondering what the hell you have to do to get back to being ok again?

Has the amount…

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