When your cupboards are bare ..

So hungry.

Nothing much grab-able round here because I’ve eaten it all, bar one measly frozen battered cod fillet in the back of the Birds Eye box. I know!! Let’s make a homemade fish finger sandwich πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ

Yup I’ve got nice bread so things are looking up.

Today I’ve been putting the finishing touches to a piece for a competition. I printed it off convinced it was as polished as I could make it. Then I spotted a flaw. Then another. They crept off the page like small slugs, laughing at me at how well they’d been able to hide for so long from my scouting eyes.

Seven times I think I printed it in the end.. what a waste of five pieces of paper each time. Don’t panic – I’ve made small notepads of those sheets, cutting them into four and stapling the corners πŸ˜‡

I love bread with nuts and seeds in it… ok this sarnie works well. Try it!

So the finished piece is now in an envelope and I shall send it today. You may recall I entered three or four competitions around Christmas time for flash fiction or potential openings of a novel. Needless to say I’ve heard nothing back, but I have not let it put me off. On the contrary, I feel I’m improving weekly and I’ve got some exciting days here and there booked at conferences and courses to meet like-minded peeps and learn more writing skills. Very excited about that.

Man of the Woods continues to be supportive.

“I see Matsu’s made the bed this morning!” he grinned as he walked past the bedroom earlier to find me in my writing room. I was not offended by his need to register a not too common event.

“Yes!” I smiled back and took the comment with positivity 🌸