We haven’t cooked together for ages have we?

This huge cauliflower was from a resident in the village who grows them and sells them in one of those cute wooden huts at the end of their drive; 70p each!

I always support local businesses where I can. Don’t you just love the greenery a cauliflower delivers? No need for a whole second/third veg.

So I’ve had an idea. I’m going to ban myself from ALL social media tomorrow!! (Bet you fail) Seriously, although I’m breaking out in a cold sweat just picturing not touching any of my four main apps (FB, Twitter, Insta and WordPress – you note, all blue and white logos and they’re my two favourite colours together, but that’s irrelevant).

Steamed. Let’s make a cheese sauce ….

I feel it might give me the headspace required to sit at laptop instead (in those spare hours between horse rug tasks…. and Man of the Woods conversations … and meal/snack times). Days are ticking by. Tick tock.

We know I can produce words (total blog post wordcount for 2018 is now up to 62,000) but I need need them to be going on the WIP. Or it will all have been a big joke.

I’m over half way through ‘after you’ by JoJo Moyes and absolutely loving it. She must be around 30 now, (Lou the main character), and dealing with life after Will Traynor.

The minute I read the first page, I was reminded that humour can very happily nestle among serious wording (but JoJo has the skill down to a fine art. Ok, I’m working on it ๐Ÿ™„).

So here’s my goal.

2,000 words tomorrow minimum. Now I’ve shared this with you, I’m pretty sure I’ll achieve it.

I am worried about one thing.

Tuesday I am driving mother to London to stay the night in an Airbnb. I’ve been hinting I would take her to see the area where her granddaughter now lives and works but have managed to put it off so far ๐Ÿ™ˆ.

I anticipate we will get on fine for the first …. (stop pursing your lips and sucking in)…. mile and a half?

The second she mentions dad being boring or an old groutch I have two choices;

The habit of a lifetime and say very little; perhaps a mild nod so as not to rock the boat of her mood within a confined space,

Or tell her straight, calmly, that I would rather not discuss my father thank you, that their relationship is their business and I refuse to ‘take sides’….

Both options will result in discomfort… I’ll try and let you know how I get on. (It will be a miracle if we arrive in London still talking).


(Miss you already ๐Ÿ˜ณ)