‘Pieces of him in pieces of me. Pieces of him where they shouldn’t be’

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Just finished ‘after you’ by JoJo Moyes (I did sit on the tractor for half hour first 👌🏼)

407 pages of humour, heart-strings and every day life for Lou Clark … learning to live a life after Will 💔

JoJo has captured the essence of family relationships with such delightful accuracy you find yourself living with and loving these people. I mean, they’re real right? Not just characters on a page.

And now she’s on a flight to New York, having left her new soulmate behind at the airport. Shit, why has the kitchen roll run out just when you need a piece? 😭😭😭

I would start the 3rd part as I have it – ‘still me’ – but I can’t. Not yet. I need to give Lou the seven hours it takes to fly to New York, to grieve a little and perhaps partake in an in-flight vodka and coke.


What have I missed the last two days?

God, I’ve got so much to tell you. But I’m exhausted. I never knew that making a permanent effort not to respond to pretty much 80% of what mother talks about could be so tiring! It was like I had my counsellors words next to me at all times, like my little genie of the lamp 👌🏼💫

Tomorrow I promise, we’ll do tea and biscuits. Have you a favourite? Custard creams? Bourbons? Pink Wafers?