She wrote ‘The Gift’ and Louise Jensen sure has a gift 💫

So yesterday I was fortunate enough to meet an author of three thrillers, all of which I have adored and one of which I mentioned briefly in a post on 4 Feb!

It was called ‘The Gift’ (by Louise Jensen) and yesterday Louise signed my copy! Star struck I was and am still smiling from my chat with her.

Totally approachable and encouraging, friendly and warm. What an inspiration when she left and said “I look forward to reading your book!” 😳💕

I haven’t had corn on the cob, as we call it here in the UK, for months so ate two today. Is that bad?!

Talking with an author makes your own goal seem a little more real, achievable perhaps. I don’t know why. Perhaps it’s the fact they are real people too, with lives they have to juggle. If they can do it, then why can’t I at least have a go … there’s no guarantee an agent or publisher will want to work with my manuscript but feeling positive about the first draft’s growing existence is amazing. This fact hit my like a mallet today… which I assure you is a good thing 🤣.

I’ve signed up for an online course over six weeks too, starting early May, so that hopefully will also fill me with inspiration. I’m excited about it.