What’s in a name – the stork’s been! 🥂

Congratulations must go today to Prince William and Kate as they have produced a third baby. A boy.

Born around 11am today. How cute is that and how modern and lovely that William was there to watch, help or stand back and pretend to know how to handle that moment when his wife is making the final push and praying that it’s all still under control.

What a great leveller. Doesn’t matter if you’re the future King of England, or in some homeless hovel… the birth of a baby is true genius. Wow.

I wander what name they have chosen. Shall we guess?

I’m leaning towards Arthur or Charles maybe? My daughter thinks James (we’ve already swapped texts), my son’s nursing a bruised shin from being a plonker and falling over so we won’t ask him 🙄😂

This new little Royal has a lot of ready-made play mates and I hope his childhood years are full of giggles and kindness.

With parents like those two, I have few worries. They are down to earth, hands-on, realists. When they travel for duty, they take their children with them rather than leave them for weeks on end with nannies.

Yes, of course they are privileged .. but with that life comes an enormous responsibility which many of us mere mortals could not cope with.

I mean, will that little boy be able to lie on their bed for an hour mid afternoon and continue reading their latest book?!! (I did get up at 0530; promise I’m not being lazy!).


PS … I’m typing chapter 7 now 👌🏼