Euston to Glasgow (#wordprompt)

‘All packed?’ I say to my son who is checking his snaps whilst spinning aimlessly on the eBay-purchased office chair at the bottom of stairs in the hall. He broke the previous one – by spinning, his 6’4″ frame causing too much centrifugal force and the chair took its final breath and deposited him at the bottom of said stairs.

‘Come play a board game and give your eyes a break. I found that train one we used to like when you were small.’

His empathetic nature is beautifully illustrated with his peaceful arrival on the beanbag while I set it up.

Purchased one Christmas with my father in mind, as a suitable post-turkey-meal occupation, it became a way to learn the names of some English towns and the route trains took (and still do) en route to Glasgow.

As we played (and he ultimately hissed into the station a little ahead) we used my google maps to follow the route, using the satellite option to actually see the meandering path those engineers once chose, the rivulets they crossed and the roads they followed.

‘Check out this old station… you can see where the carpark may have been! That’s so cool…’ his fingers expertly zoomed in and out upon the birds-eye views. I smiled. Shared time. A little history and lighting the fires of intrigue.

New meets old (engineering).

Old meets young (mind).

How lovely that half hour was…… ☺️

PS.. I wonder if this was the train journey taken by JK Rowling when ‘they say’ she was jotting ideas down for a novel… about a wizard boy…

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