Talk to your alter ego and make a new friend!

Discovering that your alter ego has been beside you all these years, but that you may have ignored it til now is an incredibly liberating feeling.

Don’t panic though because your alter ego (and I hesitantly borrow Wiki once again for a true meaning of the expression) is a patient thing and won’t have bogged off to pastures new just because they were side-lined.

No. In fact it’s been watching over your endeavours for some time, praying and hoping you’ll take a pathway it knew was better for you but still came along your chosen path anyway, silently pacing a few steps behind and waiting outside when you entered the home of the superb-mask-wearing ultimately unsavoury character.

AE knew you’d come out eventually having seen the light, even if it took some years, and off you’d both shuffle down the path of life, spitting feathers or crying with hurt indignation. You often didn’t stop long enough to sit down and look behind you, where the best person to give you advice was sitting right there. Next time, sit and admire the wildlife a moment… because I can guarantee your AE will have noticed the spider’s web on the gorse while your lovesick self was refreshing your phonescreen convinced another text would come, or had you missed it somehow? Thank you Pugwash for a beautifully timely illustration.

You perhaps felt its presence sometimes, while staring in the mirror wondering wtf you were going to do next.

If you embrace your AE and invite it properly into your life-making decisions, I think you’ll discover a new friend. One who will never let you down because they have no ulterior motive other than your wellbeing. Be more open to their black and white views on life. If AE says about a third person that they are no good as your friend, listen hard and act because you’ve probably been brushing that hint under the carpet for years and maintained a draining one-sided relationship with that ‘friend’ ignoring the fact they bring no positives to your life.

This post was inspired after I read a post by NICCULENT who posted these lovely words yesterday 🌸


At some point today I shall pen a post about the most AMAZING self-publishing conference I attended yesterday in Leicestershire 👌🏼

But first I have two trees to tend ⛩⛩