Portion Control, effort and faith


Portion control … because you can have too much of a good thing!

However, it is my belief that some good things should be soaked up with as much appreciation as possible and having this week started an online writing course with Curtis Brown Creative I’m certainly feeling humbly excited. (Take that out; it’s an adverb – the ‘humbly’ – even Stephen told you about those.)

I’m feeling excited and ready for any constructive criticism which will come my way from the course leaders Anna, Jack and Katie plus the other students as our Task pieces – homework if you like – are posted on the forum for everyone in the group to read 😬🙈.

This is super practice for growing the thicker skin I shall need to wear if ever I reach the point of publication.

‘Write to the End of your Novel’ is just one of the courses offered by this highly thought of and long established literary agent and publishing house, based in London.  Aimed specifically at writers who have started a novel, have a basic plan or plot but who might appreciate some assistance to see their way through to the end, learning valuable creative writing lessons along the way.

Offering an online version of their classroom-based course, I am thrilled to be able to  juggle the busy day job with my goal to improve my creative writing, and what better mentor to have than Curtis Brown.

This morning, I have already been back into my chapter one and been able to put some of Anna’s tips into play, ensuring the pace of those first few paragraphs is taking the reader from point A to B in an intriguing fashion, adding some but not too much backstory so the reader is not bored into oblivion before reaching chapter 2.

I shall share some of my progress with you as I go, but may be slightly quieter than usual over the next few weeks. I know you’ll not mind that because I know you have my back and want to see what I’ve been working on all this time since NaNo last November!!

Don’t get sunburnt xx