Lessons From Nature – Survival Of The Fittest

Just flicking through my Monk’s cleaning book… just to remind me!

For more recent followers, I’d like to share one little book which altered my thinking on some aspects of life 👌🏼🌸


I look at this plant daily – look being the principle word. I rarely water it, I never move it. How it is not a shrivelled brown stick I have no idea.

Is it a ‘succulent’ ? I recall buying it when it was just a 3cm high stem and really rather cute.

Last night as I relaxed on a huge beanbag in front of the woodburner, making suitably sympathetic noises at one flu-symptom-filled husband, I continued my read about the simple but deeply meaningful lives of Buddhist monks. Being someone who can multi-task, I also managed to keep half an eye on a reality tv programme to which those monks would never give a second thought … itv’s ‘Survival of The Fittest’ and the irony was not lost on me.

Did you know monks wear white underwear and under-robes to help keep their thoughts pure and their hearts fresh…

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