Our Little Secret by Darren O’Sullivan (#review)

I finished the audio version of this title this morning. I had to silence Man of the Woods as he innocently entered the workshop speaking…. my hand flew up. There were only 58 seconds left for goodness sake!

Then a client knocked with a rug needing a new buckle… my sweet and empathetic smile gave her no idea she had just walked in on one of the best endings I’ve read in a book since ‘me before you’ .

I worked. Darren narrated (he wrote this too – I bet that doesn’t happen very often) and his voice soon became my friend over the eight hours duration.

I enjoyed being able to see which chapter I was on and it was fascinating to see him inadvertently answer an ongoing question of my own – how long should chapters be ‘on average’?

As long as they need to be. Some short and choppy and some longer .. depending on the scene in question.

Darren O’Sullivan has written a brilliant thriller here. This is my opinion – you are entitled to make your own up once you’ve read it.

It was an incredible study of human emotions from three main points of view, possibly four at one point. I enjoyed seeing scenes unravel first from one character’s POV and then revisiting it from another, with the foresight the first had given me.

Lots of suspense. Very dark in places and graphic towards the end, which was skilfully dealt with.

A disappearance, a love story, friendships questioned.

I’ll definitely read his second novel soon, out only last month ‘CLOSE YOUR EYES’

Meanwhile here’s a lovely quote from a fabulous writer of old…