I’ve missed Patty’s poems recently as I’ve been selfishly too busy to read others posts.
But when I do I am always happy I took the time. What a beautiful message in this stunning poem Patty.
Much love.


via Daily Prompt: Flaunt


Don’t flaunt your wealth and arrogance
It doesn’t suit you well
Get down from that high, high horse
Step off that carousel.

Come down to earth, breathe in the air
Remember your family, your roots
Stop thinking you are so much more
Cause you’re wearing an Armani suit.

Money isn’t everything,
You’re no better than any other
Stop looking down your nose at us
We all bleed the same red color.

Be kind to those who have less than you
Use your wealth to make a difference
Show the world that you are better than this
By helping others thru love and kindness.

Lend a hand, be the first to say
“Let me help, don’t worry I’ve got this”
You have the means to change the lives
Of the poor, those in need, the helpless.

The feeling this will give to you
Is worth more…

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