A Truly Madly Ordinary Beginning Of May

Loving these colours on Ortensia’s new shed/hideaway 💙🤗
Love also how she managed to juggle the decorating of it all the crazy taxi duties being a mother of two children always involves!
A very entertaining post 🥂

Truly Madly Ordinary

Monday the weather was absolutely glorious and I started to work on the new shed.On Sunday myself and the girls spent around two hours to decide the colors and then an other hour to find matching pots and flowers. It has not been easy but we made it and happily came home with everything we needed to start “the shed operation transformation”.After taking few breaks for school runs and to drive first daughter number two and then daughter number one to tennis lessons,I manage to get half way through the job.It is getting late and I can see 4 hungry mouths looking at me from inside the house.It is well passed dinner time and I better go to sort something out.If only I could give chicken and rice crockets in a bowl to all of them my life would be much easier!I leave all my equipment well sheltered under the…

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