I hope the sun shines on their wedding day … and their life together πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

The corner is ripped, oh no!

The wind did it, I swear.

Can it be mended? Of course.

I can do anything you care..

(… to think of)

Red white and blue.. rather apt I feel,

As these are the colours of both USA & UK,.

Being joined by marriage this Saturday,

And their babies will know both London and LA!

I patch and sew, to cover the tears,

The white I use is from my own dress.

Worn 24 years ago and stored since in a barn,

No better use for it than to improve the mess…

(… of rug linings and flags)

What a vast improvement in this I have made,

I trust Meghan’s father will walk her down.

Because it is not now she will miss him,

But in the future, his absence may cause her to frown.


This weekend will pass in a blur,

The world will be watching, with hope.

That a fairytale is starting and can be maintained,

People say ‘talk’, but listening also will help you cope.


In the far distant future when the fanfare has died,

When hurdles of life in front of you loom,

After tiredness and miscommunications ensue.

The two of you can sort any strife in the room.


If your daddy gives you away, and can brave the crowds,

Of his little girl and himself; he will be so proud.

I hope his bride settles to what will be a big change,

And together they create another branch of the monarch tree.


I wish Diana could he here to see,

Her second son be wed and how happy he’ll be.

Her boys are a credit, from a difficult time.

The pride as I watched them grow, I feel it is mine.


I hope the sun shines on their day… and their life together