Holiday Blues or am I just hungry?

This takes me right back …. to my visit to NYC nineteen years ago. Except Suffolk Bookbox has managed to bring home her experiences of food and refreshments from a recent trip there!
Now I want to visit again .. and follow in her footsteps 🇺🇸💙

Shuffle Bookbox

Walking home from work today, sun is warming my skin and smell of barbecues is in the air. It’s mid May (not sure how that happened) and in UK we make sure we live in the moment when sun is out. So no matter it’s only Tuesday, ‘barbies’ are out, ready and dinner is served in the garden (if you are lucky to have one) or down the beach.

That smell of food, grilled meat and veg, makes me hungry any day but today it’s all about flashbacks, flashbacks of my holiday only over a week ago.

I must admit, I wasn’t writing enough posts while away. I intended to but then I got pulled into whirlpool of amazing experiences, so much was going on, so much to see and so much to taste. I didn’t want to ‘waste’ my precious time in NYC by sitting down and typing on…

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