Why join my fan group on Facebook?

I’ve been a member of LTMarshall’s fan group even before I read the first in the Carrero Series (remember the black stilettos on the cover??)..
Lots of fun banter… cheekiness and occasional photos of half naked men posted while we all decide who is best placed to play the parts of this author’s male characters! 😍
Not many authors give their readers the time LTMarshall does and if you’ve not yet discovered Carrero World but enjoy lots of chemistry, sexy but respectable gentlemen, then go take a look 😉🖤💛🖤

I get asked a lot about my fan group, and often readers wonder if there is any point after they have read the books available to date.

I decided we should have this discussion so maybe I can stop answering the same questions below. A lot of you follow my author page and blog but feel you do not get enough updates on WIP and future events, that’s where the fan group comes in.

Team Carrero (1)

What is a fan group?

A Facebook private group filled with people who are reading or have read my books that are already published. A place where I do actually spend time talking to you all and having a laugh. it’s a group much like a chat group with a united love of Carrero. We talk about everything and anything and it had become a group of women who just like to chat.

Why should I…

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