The Camden Moth – part 2 (#shortstory fiction)

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The team argued over crisps and generally let off steam. Keely smiled but her mind was elsewhere.

George Wilkinson had been inside for three years now, for the murder of his wife Christine twenty years earlier. That was how long he’d got away with it. Both the force and the town had been relieved it was over, but for Keely it wasn’t. Christine’s mother had never been found and she’d gone missing two days before Christine’s body was found battered in a locked garage.

‘Pool?’ Bryan stood rolling a 50 pence between his thumb and forefinger.

‘You know what? You carry on. I want an early start tomorrow and I’m hoping to get an interview with George.’ She finished the remains of her tonic water and waved vaguely at the group before heading out into the carpark.

Three consecutive messages from Rob did nothing to help her relax her as she moved about her kitchen making coffee with only the under cupboard lights on as she preferred it dark.

“Please? Just an hour. Give me one measly hour and I’ll explain it all…… Jesus Keely, you are infuriating.’

I’m infuriating? she asked the machine as it clicked and announced there were no more messages. Rob’s ex wife had taken it upon herself to arrive at their family home, case in hand, claiming her rash decision had been a mistake! Keely had been working late that night but had been looking forward to their nightcap before walking in on them arguing in his kitchen. Sarah’s head spun round.

“What the fuck’s she doing here? She got a key?”

“Yes, Keely has a key. We’ve been together six months now. It’s not really your business anymore, remember?”

“Look, sorry, I’ll leave you to it.” Keely headed back towards the front door.

“Keely, don’t. Sarah is going!” Rob steered her towards the hallway, but Sarah gripped the edges of the door with both hands.

“I’ve got nowhere to go Rob, please!” when the wailing started, Keely shot a glance at Rob.

“Seriously, you need to sort this out. Ring me tomorrow.” then she’d left.

She sipped the coffee now and thought back to his one call explaining Sarah would have to stay with him a few days. It had been the last straw during a tense week and Keely had called it off with Rob the night before. Evidently he wasn’t going to let it go but she had bigger fish to fry..

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