The Camden Moth; part 3

(read part 1 here)

‘Hey Keely’ Janice signed her in to the visitor’s reception, ‘what brings you here?’

‘Our dear friend George.’ the rolling of eyes clarified Janice’s assumption this ongoing saga was far from over, and she smiled as she handed over a lanyard. ‘You look tired if you don’t mind me saying.’

‘I do actually.’ they both laughed as Keely moved towards the scanner and moved through it visualising suddenly an airport and a warmer destination.

‘He’s in room 3’ she followed the guard into the internal interview room and took her seat opposite the man with a bald scalp shining under the artificial lights. The guard took his place in the corner and stood with his hands behind his back and feet apart.

‘Right George. I knew this wasn’t over. I’m going to give you another opportunity to tell me the whereabouts of Sandra.’ She opened the file and took out the pad and pen but anticipated no new information would be forthcoming.

‘No idea.’ the voice was gravelly as if he’d been smoking forty a day since his teens. He was fifty eight but looked ten years older. His shifty grey eyes held her own but Keely did not look away.

‘Forensics have tested blood spatters on the wall. They moved the shelving unit which I suggest you drilled to the wall to hide the evidence?’

‘No comment.’

‘Oh come on George. You thought scraping the bricks before adding the shelving would cover your tracks. I suggest you then drove the body somewhere. We’ll find it eventually and if you help me now, maybe I can reduce your sentence?’ She sat back, and watched the vein in his neck twitching.

(especially for Alexandra..)