Hot Springs and Geysers of Yellowstone

Check this blogger out for some photos of unusual places … the clever interpretation of the word prompt ‘liquid’ and now I view those landscapes as being not of this planet!!

Wind Kisses

There are two reasons people visit Yellowstone.  One is to see the bears, and the other to watch Old Faithful.  What they discover is that the bison are more fun to watch then searching for bears, and Old Faithful is only one of hundreds of geothermal features in the park.  In fact, more then half  of all geothermal features in the world are located in Yellowstone.

What is the difference between geysers and hot springs?  

People are often surprised by the amount the diversity in the features.  There are trickles and eruptions, and the colors? They will set rainbows aside.

Both the geysers and hot springs are fed from underground runoff.  When the water warms beneath the surface from the magma, changes take place. It’s behavior is relative to temperature and what is beneath the surface. A geyser erupts when it bypasses an obstruction in it’s path, and a…

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