The Life of a Wedding Dress (#wordprompt)



Big puffy sleeves, a little dated I know

The dress was in the shop on a rail,

Not in the window on a mannequin,

But ‘End of Line’ ..  £90 in the sale.


A meringue down the aisle maybe I was,

But it kept the rain off my ankles.

October the month, 1994 was the year,

Marriage doesn’t have to be a shackle.


The dress enjoyed its ceremony, then lived in a bag,

First in the attic and then in the barn.

The years they did pass, I forgot about it,

The children were born and joined us on the farm.


2017 a big tidy up, a skip (no, three!),

Highchairs went in, broken pieces of cot.

The dress I discovered, no mice had got in,

I can use this for patching rugs, can I not?


I could have given to a charity shop I know,

As the scissors cut through the yards.

But to recycle my way, to re-use and enjoy,

To beat that feeling would be hard!