You know those moments, teeny moments when you feel calm? Celebrate them

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Just before I forget …

I’m loving the Curtis Brown course; had some amazing feedback from other students on my ‘suspense’ task .. I may share it with you later.

Business is going well; I’m tired which is to be expected with 12-14 hour days in the workshop, which is right outside my back door.  Being ‘home’ for me is never away from work.  Living and working in the same place takes discipline to build in hours off .. and those I assure you I do take, while rugs wash in the background.  I read a book in the garden, or your posts on here, or sleep, or iron, or fiddle about in the kitchen.

Family are all well.   This is a wonderful blessing and needs noting.  Oh, apart from my mother who has a death wish.  That’s a whole other subject and worthy of a post on its own.   I mean who at 71, when you’ve just fallen in a carpark and fractured the top of your humerus, and the sugars in your bloods read 28 (they should be between 3 and 7 so in theory she was lucky to still be breathing), actively refuse to go back to the hospital to get either checked out, even when the A&E X-ray dept asked her to return to the fracture clinic for further investigation the following day.  That was 13 days ago.  She’s not been back … and I’ve been warned off from interfering.

But today is still a good day.    I elect to metaphorically walk away from negativity.   Matsu and I are doing just fine.  I’m writing; Man of the Woods is supporting, and I him  Harvest will be here before we know it and then it’ll be me taking him meals to his place of work – the combine.