Anger, Sorrow

I’d heard rumours about this change in the world of WordPress… boo hoo.
Why have they decided to do this I wonder?

The Ceaseless Reader Writes

via Daily Prompt: Screw You, WordPress Bloggers!

Those of you who’ve been with me for a little while know that, although I link to it frequently, I don’t rely on The Daily Post for inspiration.  I have no shortage of inspiration in my own life about which to write.  I value The Daily Post and Community Pool for their ability to expose me to new & different blogs and, most importantly, to connect me with other Bloggers.

Not needing inspiration upon my return to my blog today after a week’s forced hiatus, I had to find out about the demise of those two cherished forums from my friend Martha Kennedy’s awesome blog, I’m a Writer, Yes, I Am! (how’s that shoulder hip doing, Martha?).

My immediate reaction was deep-burning, flame-colored rage.  How can the Auttomaticians retire such an indispensable tool for outreach and connection, exposure and collaboration, and why would…

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