Elizabeth is Missing – by #EmmaHealey (#costabookawards)

This debut novel by Emma Healey has won awards, been described as breathtaking, stunning, haunting, gripping and unforgettable.

It is on the Curtis Brown Creative writing course list of ‘Recommended Reading Material’ .

Many of you bookworms will have heard of this title and her second book, Whistle in the Dark, but I’m always a little behind the times and heard about her because her style of work is shared and upheld as a quality to aim for. Only one thing for it then – so I’ve bought a copy πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ.

Emma is a past student of Curtis Brown and while I’m well aware Emma will have had more than a ‘little something’ which CBC spotted and nurtured, and my partaking of their course in no way opens doors if my writing is not up to par, I’m still excited to tread a similar path Emma took before she made it because once upon a time, she was writing her first story. 🌸

It seems Emma is a local lass, not far from me and another blogger Ova here tells of an author visit by Emma which is rather exciting for them (which I’d known).

Happy sunny Sunday πŸ€—