The Camden Moth; Part 5

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‘Brian, get the other end of this will you?’

‘Are you sure? They’ve been through this whole place with a toothcombe boss.’ his words of reason were not backed by his body which obligingly helped Keely push the shelving unit away from the wall.

Circles in red ink pen marking the blood spatters, invisible to the naked eye, covered the whitewashed brickwork.

‘I can’t see anything that’s not been photographed or tested…’ Bryan bent low to poke a loose brick where the wall met the concrete floor of the garage but revealed nothing more than one dead spider and a small beetle which scuttled off in a hurry between his feet.

‘Did you do Latin at school?’ Keely mused.

‘Can’t say I did, it was all the French teacher could to keep us all in the bloody classroom! Latin? We’d have all legged it en-masse’ Bryan chuckled, ‘I remember some poor sod, who had been to private school, join us in year 9. He could speak Latin, fluent French and Spanish.’

‘Why do you say ‘poor sod’?’ Keely leant back against the lawnmower handle and continued to stare at the wall.

‘Because we all treated him like shit. Feel bad really; just because he spoke better than us, y’know!’ Bryan felt his face flush at the memory and was no longer amused. He joined Keely and stared at the circles.

‘I think there’s a pattern depicting the Latin names for plants here, look.’ She stepped forward and traced with her finger a pattern.

‘If I pretend, then maybe I can see The Plough with half a handle missing, but Latin plant names? You’ve got me there!’

‘Take photos Bryan, close ups and lots of them, then one overall.’


They walked out into the sunlight. ‘Is it inappropriate to ask how things are going with Rob?’

‘Yes it is, and no it’s not any more. I finished it.’ She looked at him as they reached either side of the car, then clicked the fob and the bleep allowed them access.


‘Where are we going now?’

‘Chill Bryan, thought you might like a Beano from the library?’ she grinned and nudged his arm in jest as she turned into the town’s library car park.

‘Ava Marshall you say?’ the librarian squinted at her screen even though she wore glasses.

‘Yes. The American horticulturist?’

The librarian took a brief unconvinced look at the pair of them and Bryan simply shrugged.

‘There’s something here called ‘Illustrated Latin Herbs’ – is that it?’

‘Sounds like it could be just what I was thinking of – well done you!’

She pushed the glasses further up the bridge of her nose and beemed. ‘It’ll be here from the Putney branch by Thursday.’ The flamboyant final click of the keyboard indicated the book was then on its way…

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